Life Of An Intern

This semester I got the opportunity to be an intern at Cherry Beach Sound. Usually you go into this type of thing thinking "Shit, I'm clocking into something I HAVE to do. No way out huh". My story is different, I ended up loving every single second of it. Maybe it's just my love for learning and experiencing things as they occur, but from the pharmaceutical commercials to the late night listening parties with 6ixbuzz and Lil Berete, even the hectic ass studio sessions filled with people like Preme and Swae Lee, OVO affiliates and like 40 hoes you'd probably fail to dm in your dreams (Especially when someone like Preme helps you clean up at 8AM, probably more tired than you are and daps you up saying "I fuck with you kid, your vibes are right. Chill in the remainder of the session with us if you want, if you can't then you can't." Spoiler, I was busy so I couldn't smh.) everything felt like an experience to die for. Before even making my first platinum song, I've touched grammys, seen plaques, signed NDAs, and saw the creative process behind some of the most popular songs/ads/scenes we take for granted. 

From September to January I've seen the good and the bad of the industry, and things that I've learned from being an intern will potentially be things that will take me to another level of my career. Quality is always priority. Analog will 9 times out of 10 sound better than whatever digital hood-nigga set up u got going on at home (But definitely not a noticeable difference to the regular listeners). People come, people go, but the show must go on. EVERYTHING is still temporary. The little things you do in life can be things that someone remembers forever, so move like everything you do will be remembered forever. Some people get ego, some people stay humble and kind. At the end though, artists are artists so they can have as big of an ego as they wanna have, nobody really judges them due to how often it occurs. Oh, consistency is still key, Pro Tools is still industry convenient. Honestly I could go on for days.

Maybe I'll be able to go on for years or my whole life after I get more experience under my belt.

Yours Truly, 

Kyn Rose

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