Kyn Rose Marks His Name As A BMM Alumni With His Performance At The BMM Showcase

Applause and cheer echoed throughout the performance hall as Kyn Rose's highly anticipated unreleased single "Money Worker" begins to play. Kyn Rose, as the closing act for the 6th showcase in Urban Arts' Beats Mind Movement series, performed 2 unreleased songs and more, with an encore at the end. Kyn Rose showed some hope and excitement towards the show in advance, also giving 2 fans free tickets to this event, however, nobody would have thought the night would go the way it did.

"This show was singlehandedly the best show I've ever performed." Said Kyn Rose. " I got to interact with the crowd and vibe with them, and everyone went crazy when I played money worker. Nights like this are the ones that remind me how much I love what I do. When you're on the stage nothing matters but how the audience feels. How they get your message. Now all I gotta do is make sure that I continue to hit the ground running.".


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