Kyn Rose Spreads the Anti-Gun message At Frontline's Cookbook Launch Party

Kyn Rose performs his debut single "Don't Cry" at Frontline's "In The Line Of Fire" cookbook launch party today. This cookbook contains recipes made by the children and staff at Frontlines, combined with gun violence names and topics for each recipe. 

"Honestly the Cookbook is such a creative way to spread the message about anti-gun violence in the city. With tragedies occurring so frequently, with the most recent one being a couple of blocks away from my house, I was so on board to be a part of this event as soon as I got the message. We lose too many people to the streets and it's nice to see that there are people out there bringing awareness and shedding light on this situation in every way they can. I always said that if there was some way, whether it be a song or a sentence I say that can change a person's life, I'd be happy. It's cool to see a community like Frontlines embedding such a powerful message into these kids so early."

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