Kyn Rose X Toronto Music 311

Kyn Rose's single "Dream" has been added to the city of Toronto's music 311, a compilation of songs played on hold when the 311 number is dialed. One of Kyn's biggest aspirations in his musical career was to be involved with something related to the city of Toronto, so being placed on the playlist is a real accomplishment to him as a musician with a voice.

"I remember I used to take trips with my school at city hall, super quiet little kid from the urban area of Toronto who barely sang to his close ones. Being at a point in my life where I'm able to be the serenading sound you hear when you pick up the phone and call the city is a small step, but this step is the mini-milestone that shows me there's so much more to come, and so many places I can reach with my music and my message." says Kyn Rose.


You can listen to Kyn Rose's song "Dream" on his website, or the Soundcloud and Audiomack platforms.

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